SALE of Stuffed animals! Price from 2000 rubles!

We buy furs  +10 % (mail) 

The VIP suggestion: snowmobile beaver fur suit 

buzzard, a red fox, a wood grouse, a black grouse, a lynx, rabbit with horns, a skull of a bear, duck, owl,  squirrel, pigeon, maral, hawk (goshawk), eagle (kite), eagle-owl.
Our studio of fur and skin works in Krasnoyarsk for you! In Krasnoyarsk fur studio you can order a fur coat repair or fur coat tailoring.


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    № /821

Wolf claw №935

Цена: 70 у.е.

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    № /823

Bear fang №934

Цена: 100 у.е.

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    № /828

Wolf tooth №929

Цена: 20 у.е.

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    № /829

Wolf tooth2 №928

Цена: 20 у.е.

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